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Nourishing body moisturizers, relaxing soaks & scrubs, and all natural deodorants!

Best Natural Body Products for Healthy Skin Inside and Out

Consciously handcrafted from nourishing oils and botanicals, our range of body care products is good for your mind, body, and the Earth. We take a holistic approach to skincare that prioritizes not just your skin, but your whole body inside and out, as well as the environment. Our products are beautifully packaged in recyclable glass and metal containers and made with clean, natural ingredients so your skin gets nothing but the best. Pamper your body with our simple yet luxuriously healthy balms, oils, scrubs, and deodorants, while respecting the planet.


One of the most important skincare steps is exfoliating, and our Maine Sea Salt Scrub is more than up to the task. Real Maine sea salt and digitata seaweed removes dead skin cells, unclogging pores and leaving your skin smooth and soft. Follow up with one of our luxuriously creamy body balms. The ultimate body moisturizer, our balms are made with organic shea and cocoa butter, and formulated to soothe sensitive skin. 


Unfiltered’s Cream Deodorant is baking soda and aluminum free, and will leave you with softer skin while smelling amazing. Available unscented and in two all natural, fresh scents, all of our deodorants are made from a base of coconut oil and shea butter which is gentle on the skin and moisturizes while absorbing underarm odor. Take control of your health and make the switch to non-toxic, natural deodorant today!

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