Always striving to keep our ingredients local and organic!
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Sparky's Apiaries is a family-owned business located in Hope, Maine that has been serving Mainers with pure products for nearly 40 years. Sparky's pure beeswax can be found in our body balms and deodorants to give a silky smooth application and warm fragrance.

Sparky's uses organic practices (no antibiotics, no pesticides).

Pure beeswax is high in Vitamin A, has anti-inflammatory properties and creates a protective barrier between your skin and the environment without clogging pores. 

The Maine Sea Salt Company produces naturally-unrefined, hand-harvested, and sun-dried sea salt, originating from seawater collected in Buck's Harbor, Maine. Local, family-owned Maine Sea Salt Company is featured in our Maine Sea Scrub. Sea salt is high in magnesium which helps to exfoliate the skin, improving texture and hydration.

What can the seaweed man do for you?! Maine Harvested Seaweed has been producing seaweed products for the past 40 years, providing the coastal area with environmental and health benefits. Digitata seaweed is used the Maine Sea Scrub, providing your skin with a mega dose of iodine and other nutrients.

Located in Freeport, Maine, this local natural foods store provides its community with fresh, organic, and locally-sourced produce, meats, groceries and supplements. Many of our carrier oils and essential oils are purchased here.

These are our two favorite bulk organic suppliers. They both carry products with excellent quality and pay incredible attention to detail. Fast, friendly, reliable service makes them both so great to work with! Ordering in bulk assures that we are able to use less packaging for our raw materials.