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All Natural Cream Deodorant

All Natural Cream Deodorant



Our deodorants are formulated with clean, natural ingredients. Not only will they keep you smelling fresh, they are also gentle on the skin with moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil + shea butter. All of our deodorants are baking-soda free!

Available in unscented, garden, + woods. 


Garden scent - more of an herbal garden experience with lavender, rosemary, and ylang ylang adds a bit of spice!

Woods scent - like taking a walk through the Maine woods. Notes of pine + citrus. 

Both scents are on the lighter side and made with

100% certified organic essential oils. 

  • Directions

    rub a small amount onto clean underarms. discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only.

  • Ingredients

     coconut oil*, shea butter*, arrowroot powder*, kaolin clay, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax^. 

    *certified organic

    ^ local Maine

    Woods Scent : lemongrass essential oil*, pine essential oil*, bergamot essential oil*, atlas cedarwood essential oil*.

    *certified organic

    Garden Scent: lavender essential oil*, rosemary essential oil*, ylang ylang essential oil*. 

    *certified organic

  • Quantity + Packaging

    QUANTITY: 2 oz glass jar   

    All UNFILTERED products come in eco-friendly packaging. Please recycle after use. Our glass jars make excellent containers!



    Congratulations! You're taking control of your health and questioning the chemical antiperspirant goo! Here are a few things you should know about my natural deodorants:

    Please always test the deodorant on your skin for 24 hrs before using a full application. We try our best to formulate gentle products for all skin types, however, everyone's skin is a little different!

    Please do the same for your clothes! This deodorant contains natural oils. We find that on most fabrics they wash right out with regular laundering. Best to NOT test this with your favorite shirt. 

    DETOX: UNFILTERED is proud to offer cream-based deodorants that actually work. If you're just making the switch to natural, you may notice a 'detox period'. Your underarms are readjusting, filtering out toxins, and getting back on track. During this process, you may perspire more than you usually would (especially if you've been using antiperspirants), which means you may stink more than normal. It is temporary (most people report it lasting 1-2 weeks). I recommend making the swap when you have time to wash more often and wear loose fitting, breathable clothes. 

    All of UNFILTERED's deodorants feature arrowroot powder to absorb moisture, and kaolin clay to aid in detoxifying underarms. 




Every Ingredient Matters!

We strive to use organic, local ingredients whenever possible and our products are always non-toxic and all-natural. When we say we use simple, clean ingredients, we really mean it! Click the link below to learn more about what goes into our products and our awesome local suppliers.

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