Natural Ingredients.

Small Batches.

Handcrafted in Maine.

Gender Neutral.

Eco-Friendly Packaging.

Like any Maine-ah, I enjoy and appreciate the SIMPLE things in life and QUALITY craftsmanship. So when I started to take more notice of the ingredients in the skin care products I was using, I became more and more frustrated with the fact that I couldn't recognize what they were. With a little research I found that many ingredients in generic skin care products aren’t actually good for either your skin or your overall HEALTH.


I’ve made it my mission to deliver wholesome products that are made from and benefit the ENVIRONMENT and my COMMUNITY. Each small batch of Unfiltered products utilize the strength and purity of ORGANIC, LOCAL ingredients when possible, and environmentally sustainable packaging to give you the most PURE product possible. 


Feel free to shop online, or find my products at a local store!

Once A Tree - Camden, Maine

Wyler's - Brunswick, Maine

Heritage Seaweed - Portland, Maine

Venn+Maker - Portland, Maine

Archipelago - Rockland, Maine



"Your skin absorbs 


of the products you put on it.

Your skin is your largest organ.

Feed it well!"

- Down to Earth