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Our Story

When you make conscious choices about your skincare, it shows! The products you put on your skin matter, and ingredients should be straightforward, simple, proven to work, and naturally produced.  Unfiltered Skin Care is your transparent guide to healthful, natural, and organic ingredients that nourish, protect, and support the largest organ in your body – your skin!

We believe that self-care is for everyone – not just models in glossy magazines. That’s why we’ve created inclusive, gender-neutral products for all skin types.


Unfiltered Skin Care believes in supporting our farmers and the soil. That’s why we use mainly organic ingredients. We want to support our customers with products free of dangerous chemicals, show respect to the farmers that grow our raw ingredients, and be responsible caretakers of our earth.  Above all, skincare products should do what they say they’ll do.  That’s why we source natural ingredients proven to be effective, and formulate our products through market research to provide long term healthful benefits to your skin, along with daily protection and support of your skin’s biome.

We believe in delivering great products free of plastic which is harmful to our planet and harmful to individual health. That’s why we opt for glass, metal, and cardboard packaging whenever possible.  Just like the ingredients inside every container, packaging is sourced to be mindful, beautiful, and to work!  

Hey! My name is Bri and I'm the founder of Unfiltered Skincare. 


As a teen and young adult, I struggled to find the right products for my skin. Allergic reactions led me to start reading the labels of products and after much personal research, I started to think that commercial skin care products simply did not support my needs, or reflect my values.


Fortunately, through my time at design school and a chance encounter with an environmental specialist, I discovered that I could ethically source sustainable and organic supplies to create my own skincare products.  I know from my own experience that these products will benefit people who want an alternative to companies that greenwash their image or charge ‘pink tax’ instead of operating with 100% transparency.

I spent countless hours around my regular working schedule to come up with the right products that were balanced for all skin types, had a positive impact on the lives of the suppliers, utilized natural materials, and gave consumers like you products that give more than they promise.


My products are not produced by teams of chemists ‘mimicking’ the effective qualities of natural ingredients. They are produced by me, with natural and organic source materials, for my skin and for yours.


photo by Story Silo Media

With Unfiltered Skin Care you never have to worry about compromising your health and morals while nurturing your skin. 
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