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Vacationland Set | Sea Salt Toner & Scrub

Vacationland Set | Sea Salt Toner & Scrub


For those in your life that could not come to the briny coast this year, send them a little Maine love!


Our Maine Sea Toner is made with cleansing witch hazel, soothing rose water, a touch of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, lavender + pine. This additional skincare step removes soap residue, shrinks the appearance of pores, and calms inflamed skin. Plus, it smells like you took a trip to one of the Maine beaches thanks to the organic pine + lavender. 


Time to slough away old winter skin? We've got  you covered with the Maine Sea Scrub. This scrub features Maine's finest sea salt + digitata for silky smooth hands + feet. It is also scented with organic pine + lavender essential oils for a refreshing experience. 


This set includes 2oz mister of Maine Sea Toner and 4oz glass jar of Maine Sea Scrub. 

  • Directions

    MAINE SEA SCRUB: best for use as a body scrub. massage into wet skin. rinse. *oils in this product may make tub/shower base slippery* discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only. 

    MAINE SEA TONER: cleanse face. shake the bottle gently before use. apply toner using a cotton ball to the T-zone of the face, and then to cheeks. follow with moisturizer. discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. for external use only. 

  • Ingredients

    MAINE SEA SCRUB: Maine sea salt, Maine digitata seaweed, sunflower oil*, lavender essential oil*, pine essential oil*. *certified organic

    MAINE SEA TONER: Maine seawater, witch hazel* (contains alcohol), apple cider vinegar*, rose water, glycerin, lavender essential oil*, pine essential oil*, citric acid. *certified organic

  • Quantity + Packaging

    QUANTITY: Maine Sea Scrub 4oz glass jar + Maine Sea Toner 2oz glass bottle with mist spray top.

    All UNFILTERED products come in eco-friendly packaging. Please recycle after use. Our glass jars make excellent containers!    




Every Ingredient Matters!

We strive to use organic, local ingredients whenever possible and our products are always non-toxic and all-natural. When we say we use simple, clean ingredients, we really mean it! Click the link below to learn more about what goes into our products and our awesome local suppliers.

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