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Deluxe Face Routine containing Lip Scrub, Awaken Facial Serum, Face Cream, Restoring Rose Tonic, Bright Eye Serum, Mud Mask, Facial Cleansing Oil glass bottles all shown together on white background

Deluxe Face Routine


Treat your skin to the ultimate organic glow with our Deluxe Face Routine. This comprehensive set includes everything you need for a luxurious facial experience, from a polishing lip scrub to a rejuvenating face serum. Say hello to radiant, healthy skin with our Deluxe Face Routine.


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Facial Cleansing Oil - Our Facial Cleansing Oil gently combats bacteria without stripping the face of its natural oils, leaving your skin beautifully glowing and balanced.  2oz glass bottle with dropper


Mud Mask - This gentle but highly effective mask is honey based with cinnamon and white willow bark to balance oil production, and cleanse while hydrating. 2oz glass jar


Lip Scrub - a base of moisturizing shea butter and fair-trade cane sugar with hibiscus and orange will have your lips perfectly polished and hydrated. 0.5oz glass jar


Restoring Rose Tonic - smells incredible and can help regenerate tissues, strengthen cells, and reduce the appearance of pores. 2oz glass bottle with mist top


Bright Eye Serum - say goodbye to puffiness, fine lines + wrinkles, dark circles! Formulated with olive-derived squalane, organic green coffee, rose buds, and hydrating anti-inflammatory argan oil.  Glides on smooth with stainless steel roller. 10ml roller


Awaken Facial Serum - a moisturizing blend of nutrient rich oils, specifically formulated to support aging skin by improving appearance of tone + elasticity. 10ml roller


Face Cream - rich, smooth, and melts right into your skin. It's nutrient dense with healing herbs + plant oils to support aging skin, soothe sensitive skin, and calm inflamed acneic skin. 1oz glass jar




  • Directions

    FACIAL CLEANSING OIL - Wet face with warm water. Massage 1 dropper full of oil onto face for 1-2 minutes. Wipe off with a warm, wet cloth.

    MUD MASK - apply mask to face, avoiding the eye area. rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes.

    LIP SCRUB - gently scrub lips. rinse with warm water.

    RESTORING ROSE TONIC- After cleaning the face, spritz the tonic onto your face and neck and enjoy the gorgeous natural scent.To lock in all the moisture + restoring properties of the rose tonic, follow up with a small amount of our face cream. Massage the face cream into your face and neck while the restoring rose tonic is still damp.

    BRIGHT EYE SERUM - Roll onto under-eye area. Allow the oils to absorb into the skin (or gentle blend in with pinkie finger).

    AWAKEN FACIAL SERUM - After cleaning the face, apply 1 pump of oil to face. Massage into skin using a circular motion. Breathe deeply and set a positive intention for the day.

    FACE CREAM - Best if used with our Restoring Rose Tonic. After cleansing face, spritz RESTORING ROSE TONIC evenly on face and neck. While face is still damp from the tonic, massage in a small amount of the face cream.For a lighter daytime moisturizer, apply a higher ratio of restoring rose tonic. For a thicker nighttime treatment, use a higher ratio of face cream. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use only.

  • Ingredients

    FACIAL CLEANSING OIL - sunflower oil*, safflower oil*, castor oil*, jojoba oil*, essential oil blend: lavender*, bergamot*, atlas cedarwood*, patchouli*, tea tree*, rosemary*. *Certified Organic

    MUD MASK - raw local honey, French green clay, kaolin clay, cinnamon*, turmeric*, charcoal, white willow bark. *organic

    LIP SCRUB - sugar*, shea butter*, hibiscus*, orange peel*, sweet orange essential oil*. *organic

    RESTORING ROSE TONIC - rose otto (rosa damascena) hydrosol*, geranium (pelargonium graveolens) hydrosol*, lemon balm hydrosol+, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate. *Certified Organic +Organic or Wildcrafted

    BRIGHT EYE SERUM - green coffee beans +*, squalane, argan oil*, rose buds*. *Certified Organic

    AWAKEN FACIAL SERUM - evening primrose oil*, argan oil*, jojoba oil*, rosehip seed oil*, carrot seed oil, sweet orange essential oil*, grapefruit essential oil*, bergamot essential oil*. *Certified Organic

    FACE CREAM - argan oil*, rosehip oil*, shea butter*, local Maine beeswax, frankincense resin*, myrrh resin*, calendula*, yarrow+, chamomile*. *Certified Organic +Organic or Wildcrafted



  • Quantity + Packaging

    FACIAL CLEANSING OIL - 2oz glass bottle with dropper

    MUD MASK - 2oz glass jar

    LIP SCRUB - 0.5 glass jar

    RESTORING ROSE TONIC - 2oz glass bottle with mist spray

    BRIGHT EYE SERUM - 10ml glass roller with stainless steel ball top

    AWAKEN FACIAL SERUM - 10ml glass roller with stainless steel ball top

    FACE CREAM - 1 oz glass jar

    All UNFILTERED products come in eco-friendly packaging.  Please recycle after use. Our glass jars make excellent containers!




Every Ingredient Matters!

We strive to use organic, local ingredients whenever possible and our products are always non-toxic and all-natural. When we say we use simple, clean ingredients, we really mean it! Click the link below to learn more about what goes into our products and our awesome local suppliers.

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